Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Corros and tasty tastings!

I mentioned tastings...how is this for a day:

First stop Yahava Koffee Works, Margaret River. This place was awesome. We had about 4 different tastings of coffee from all over the World; learnt that a coffee bean from the plant actually looks like a red berry; learnt the process and brewing tips; had an expresso; a cold distilled coffee (which tasted amazingly different and actually not at all like cofffee); and finally an ice coffee with syrup. Fair to say after that we were all buzzing and stoked about windsurfing (Stef about the quiver we are going to get when we have more money and he can windsurf again!) and bought some stuff in their shop. On to the next tasting! ...Cheese!!

This wasn't quite as exciting, but we still got to try a few different types of cheese before feeling the obligation to buy some and have a late cheese and cracker lunch.

On to the brewery! Again not free, in fact fairly expensive, like all alcohol seems to be here, but nevertheless a tasty sample of 8 beers and brews in a nice beer garden!

Back to windsurfing...after one day in Margaret River, the forecast turned off and looked good for up North again. Que 8 hours driving! Corros was good (still is), so we are now spending a few days up here practising my jumping. Forwards are going well, and learning backloops. I had a nice high attempt at a backloop yesterday but over-rotated it (need to wait and look!). Luckily Stef caught it on camera!

Another backloop and a bail:

A forward:

Some crumbly waves:

Australia Day! Well most of the public seemed to be doing this:

While we had a more educational visit to the WA museum which was really interesting, including stuffed animals, the history of WA and Geraldton, shipwrecks such as the Batavia (quite an amazing story) and HMS Sydney during the War. Kangaroos really can be big!

Finally, our little sunset spot for dinner:

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