Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gwithian sessions...

Last Sunday we had a really fun Gwithian session on our new Simmers, they feel great and yet again lighter compared to last year! It wasn't the biggest waves but was still really fun. Later tin the week we had a full power 4.2 session at Bigbury, which was bolt onshore making good practice for places like Sylt!

Here are some pics from Gwithian courtesy of Paul Monnington, thanks!

Here is a tiny clip of a wave at Gwithian, nothing spectacular, but I fell with one foot stuck in the straps and got caught under the sail for a while. The way it was twisted made it hard to get out and I ran out of air thrashing around. It was only a few seconds (nothing compared to a big hold down surfing or in massive waves!) but it still shook me a little...easily done!

Yesterday we got pretty frustrated with how rubbish the surf has been down here, it was tiny. 3 of us contemplated for a while and then ended up driving to Newquay and buying an Adams board each (great deal for the 3 of us...), absolutely outrageous day! So today, all shiny and new, I tried my Adams 5'8'' shuttle and it was amazing, the perfect board in my quiver with my 5'10'' smaller board, it flies! No more complaining about small waves now, I'll just start learning tricks instead :) Surf looks good on the South coast for a couple of days too...

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