Monday, 26 March 2012

Small waves and an earthquake...

Since the day in Santiago we have been in the water everyday. We went to Topocalma on Saturday, about 45 minutes away with down the line perfection. Unfortunately we were a little too excited and went pretty early, so the wind hadn't kicked in yet and the surf spot looked pretty small for our boards. We waited a little but decided we should drive back as there were no other windsurfers there and we thought we were missing out elsewhere. It turned out we should have stayed, but instead we had a fun session at Matanzas with waist to head high waves. The swell has backed off a little since when we first arrived so it has been pretty small riding, (hence the photos), but should be getting bigger from tomorrow. We had another session at Matanzas then went to Topocalma again today. It was really windy when we left but dropped as soon as we were out so we just wobbled around. I can't wait to see that place mast high as it looked perfect peeling down the line and there was no one but the three of us there.

Yesterday, there was an earthquake that measured 7.1 on the Richter scale about 100 miles away. We came in from our session and were de-rigging on the beach and felt the whole beach move, but originally we thought we were just dizzy in the heat. It only lasted about 10-15 seconds (a minute at the epi centre), but was one of the strangest feelings I have had. We packed up quickly and went up the hill to the Tsunami save zone pretty quickly, but luckily nothing happened. The locals all seemed pretty worried as the last one two years ago wiped out alot of the village. There was no damage, just some things moving around and falling over, and a few more rocks on our road to the beach.

Here are some more pictures of the latest sessions, I am looking forward to some bigger waves and some more surfing too!

Finally, the hot tub did get hot, after we put a lid on it to heat up! Next time we will stir it more though as it was freezing at the bottom and really hot at the top!

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