Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunset Surfs

So far, this autumn has been pretty good for surfing, I am getting out about twice during the week and most weekends surfing or windsurfing. The wind forecasts haven't really come through, hence I have done far more surfing than windsurfing. I have improved a fair bit over the past month and I'm really loving surfing at the moment! Mainly we have surfed Crantock/Newquay/Watergate after work until last week when a good SW swell came in and Whitsands worked pretty well with overhead waves rolling in. I have just bought a new 5'10 board off ebay so really looking forward to trying that when it next pumps!

Here are some photos from a guy called Nick Turley at Whitsands. His flickr site is here if you want to see his other shots. Thanks Nick!

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