Sunday, 4 September 2011

Moved to Plymouth!

Well its been a month since I got back from Fuerte, and I have been so busy travelling around the UK seeing family, going to weddings, moving to Plymouth and going to Cornwall! I am really happy to be living in Plymouth now, only an hour and a bit from some of the best waves in the UK. I have been making the most of the conditions before I start work as an engineer for Babcock on Wednesday, spending 5 days last week and this weekend at Mexico's and Godrevy.

Last weekend I surfed 3 days, nice head high offshore and mostly sunny. My foot is still sore as I can't put loads of pressure on the toes so I sat out on the windsurfing taking pictures of Stef and Ed, (see below).

Saturday we surfed Mexico's for about 4 hours-I came off the water dizzy as I had a cold and think it took it out of me! The waves were good though, a nice head and a half and clean. The others windsurfed but the wind was super up and down and it was hard work getting out! Yesterday was winder so me, Stef, Ed, SJ and Andy King (and another) had most of the beach to ourselves riding head high waves. The wind was gusty from nothing to planing but a really fun session! I had to make my straps really big so as not to press on the top of my foot as its pretty bruised still but it was fine otherwise!

Looks like the winter swells are coming in from the hurricanes so hopefully it should be a good autumn! I will surf and windsurf most weekends and after work when it looks good, as I finish at 3.45 every day, woop!!

Finally, a couple of pictures of our van, which thanks to Trago Mills (a massive shop down here that everyone raves about and seems to sell everything), we have made a second double bed/bench seat/table-so we can spend longer at the beach in comfort!!

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