Monday, 28 February 2011

SWA Cardiff Wave

This weekend delivered the goods for a great student wave event. The forecast was looking very dodgy for wind all week but with a good westerly swell with a good period, so surfing was always on the cards. On Friday morning just before I left the forecast improved to 17 to 20 knots cross offshore for Trecco in Porthcawl on Saturday! I managed to somehow get 2 wave boards, a surfboard, 2 masts, 2 sails and a boom all in a Fiat Punto and made my way to Wales. There was meant to be wind on Friday so me and Stef headed to Porthcawl for a windsurf but ended up having a surf at rest bay in very foggy dark and rainy conditions! The waves were a bit dumpy but had a good size. We ended up heading in when we couldn't see the beach anymore due to fog and were surfing infront of the cliffs guessing if the tide had come in or not! Not the safest... Friday night we met with all the students and had a few drinks until 3 in the morning at the Union.

Saturday we all got up pretty enthusiastically bearing in mind the night before and got to the beach for just after 9, for pushing tide. Worried the waves would completely flatten off with dropping tide like the day before, me and Stef got out straight away in really light wind. A little too light really. But the wind picked up and the waves got better and I had a really good 3 hour session! I only came in because my arms had given up and the student competition was under way. The sailors did great, there were some dodgy drop ins on the surfers waves (which weren't too pleased), and some aerials from the top sailors. The winner was Southampton's SJ, second Seb Willis from Cardiff, and third Carlos from Cardiff.

Everyone celebrated in the evening after HUGE pizzas-literally the biggest I have ever seen! at the Union again, all dressed as circus theme-LOTS of face paint!! Sunday we dragged ourselves down to the beach again and I had a really nice clean surf at Coney beach, which was a little too busy, but it normally is. Nice cross offshore wind held the waves up but I got cold really quickly. I had an awesome weekend and it is great to see so many keen students going for it and throwing themselves at the waves!

Here are a few photos from Duncan Dumbreck's camera taken by Javier Choi, not so many from when I was sailing as the students were still arriving at the beach!:

SJ and James checking out the waves!

Me and Mike with our Simmer Icons

Catching some waves:

Helping judge the competition with my sponsor Jim from Puravida:

SJ the competition winner:

How many people can you fit in a bus?! 5 apparently...

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