Sunday, 20 February 2011

A little surf at East Witterings

Its pretty hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed and drive one and a half hours to the beach when someone calls in the morning waking you up. This is what happened this morning. SJ called at 9 (not early I know but its my first day off in ages). He said the witterings webcam was looking pretty amazing (for witterings) and he would be on his way soon. I checked it out-it did look good, but pretty busy. 3-4ft at 16s apparently. It took me a while to decide if it was worth it before driving down from Surrey with my 6ft retro fish. On arriving it looked a bit of a spectacle with loads of surfers and a lot of the public screaming when the waves broke against the wall and splashed them all! And as clean as I have seen witterings at about head high. Only trouble was I was a bit late and the high tide made the surfable waves dump on the beach and you had to dodge the groins! I saw some guys taking a chance and surfing over them then landing on the beach as the wave sucked up and the better ones diving off before hitting them. I decided to wait as the forecast was meant to be ok all day. Me and SJ went to a fish and chip shop in our wetsuits, spent some time with the heating on in the car and sitting around the beach-quite normal for a Sunday?! The waves got worse and worse, smaller and smaller much to our frustration. I had driven all the way from Surrey and SJ Southampton so we went out anyway. I caught quite a few waves but they were tiny (now about waist) so it wasn't the most successful session after seeing how big it was when we arrived.

Big shorebreak at high tide

A guy surfing the shorebreak where most wouldn't...

...and exiting before the groyne!

Our surf in the afternoon, pics taken after I got changed!

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