Sunday, 30 May 2010

Highcliffe 29/05/10

Finally some waves! Only small ones though, up to head high/just over, but can't complain as all we have had is freestyle recently when there has been a bit of wind! So 5 of us went out at Highcliffe on pushing tide hoping for some larger waves. It was quite fun, cross/cross on conditions so improved my cross on riding and got some jumping in. Tried two forwards not so successfully -hopefully there will be a better day to try again! The rip was pretty annoying, we must have all walked 1 to 2 miles with kit on our head trying to get back up the beach, and being the longest wave session in a long time I am really stiff today! A great workout!

Still in exams at the moment, have had 2 and have 2 more to come. I finish Wednesday morning so me and Stef are driving straight to Cornwall to catch some surf, forecast is looking good at the moment! Fingers crossed! Now back to work...

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