Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September Sessions

So with Stef out of action for 6 weeks with a burst eardrum, he kindly spent hours on the beach taking photos! Gwithian and Mexico's a couple of weekends ago was so much fun. I was exhausted after two 3 hour sessions on the water on Saturday! It was awesome to share the session with Steffi and Dominic from Germany who were in Cornwall for a 2 week holiday, only getting conditions for surfing until scoring their last day sailing at Gwithian.
Afternoon session at Mexico's
A week later, there were more good conditions. This time I tried Widemouth which I'd only sailed once before. The wind was so light when I went out on 4.7 and 75l I thought I wouldn't even be able to get out back. With the current down wind it was pretty sketchy and hard work, but gradually the gusty wind built a little to a float and ride side shore session.
I have also used my new longboard a fair bit this Summer. I am still getting the hang of it and trying hang 5's!

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