Friday, 22 January 2016

Stormy Winter so far...

November and December 2015 has been the best Winter I can remember in the last few years, with constant storm fronts coming through and South /West winds keeping temperatures pretty mild. I sailed or surfed every weekend, had night freestyle sessions after work and taken some leave for good forecasts, effectively buying daylight hours! Just before Christmas we had a great swell on the North Coast, with mast high float and ride, (unfortunately no photos!) then a Chrsitmas Eve session at Marazion, with side shore starboard tack. Here are some photos from sessions recently, Kimmeridge Bay with Cross-on starboard tack, 30-50 knots (a little too windy and gusty for me to try and learn much!) and Daymer Bay, also pretty windy on a 3.7! Lastly Marazion, some great starboard tack jumping! Photos courtesy of my Dad, brother in law and friend Rachel-thanks!
Looking like a nice swell this weekend at Gwithian, and daylight hours are getting better again for after work sessions!

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