Tuesday, 21 October 2014

2nd Place Tiree Wave Classic - What a week!

Well I have just returned from a week in Tiree, in which we had all seasons! When we arrived, the middle of a low was sat right over us giving calm conditions, sunshine (mostly) and no waves. This was not what we wanted, but we made the most of it and actually had a great few days exploring the island, seeing the lighthouse exhibition, spotting seals, paddling with porpoises, coasteering, teaching windsurfing, trying my very best to slackline and also go running!

Here are some pictures of our slackline adventures. Needless to say, Sara was the expert, full respect to her walking that high line!

The competition itself had great conditions, and the ladies had 8 rounds run! The first day was much like the PWA conditions had been, cross on port tack with small waves. I was on 4.7 but it was up and down and I struggled to get good jumps (2 waves, 2 jumps to count), and struggled to pick a good wave. Justyna smashed it though landing a backloop and some forwards so she was leading after the first day! The next day was more my style of conditions with bigger waves at Balephuil. I really enjoyed myself, getting some nice rides and hits and landing my forwards. I won 2 of the heats and came second in the third. Both Justyna and Sara were great competition and it was a good competition throughout, with Sara also scoring some great wave rides! So overall I was second, I'll post a podium picture when I have one! Here are some action shots courtesy of Dave White.

Day 1:

Day 2:

There was also a day 3 of competition at the Maze, but us ladies chose to free-sail rather than have more heats after our 8! I had a fun little surf in the morning and a late evening session with only Sara and I!
After most people had left on the Saturday morning ferry, Stef and I sailed the Maze again, but it was gusty and rippy with very tricky waves to read, and a very long walk home! Still pretty fun though, and our friend Rachel Knott become camera woman for the day after we had taught her on the loch-thank you!
Saturday night was stormy! Our sailing was at 1300 on Sunday, so we squeezed in a session at Crossapol, a rare starboard tack day, sideshore and well powered on 4.2. I had a great session, so much fun! My little custom was perfect!
While we were on Tiree, we taught our friend Rachel Knott to windsurf. In 3 sessions, the last in a force 6, she got planing and beach starting, and has well and truely got the windsurfing bug! Thanks to Black Diamond for lending the board and Bubble for lending the inflatable SUP!
Here are some scenic shots taken on Tiree!
Last but not least, here is a shot taken in Sylt one day when we had tiny little surf to play with! Thanks to Julian Robinet for the water shot!

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