Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tenerife Videos, Custom Board and a Wetsuit!

It has been almost 3 weeks since I left Tenerife and I have been at home doing waitressing and barista jobs mainly to help afford my next trip! Our last week in Tenerife had a great forecast, but unfortunately I never had a really great session. Tenerife was really gusty so it was so hard to pick the right sail! One morning was blowing 50-60 knots and was survival sailing on 3.4 (I should have kept the 3m from Pozo!), then in the afternoon I went on 3.4 again but the wind died, after I had convinced Stef to film too! I also snapped a mast on one session so all in all a little frustrating, but still good to be on the water! Here are a few stills from the last couple of sessions:
Other than the last two sessions Stef filmed, I didn't get much dedicated filming as we all wanted to sail! I managed to get some clips from Ben and Justyna though when they were filming for the diaries, so I put together a little edit of my time in the Canaries. I hope you like it!

Sarah Bibby K349 in Pozo and Tenerife, Summer 2014 from Sarah Bibby on Vimeo.

Alfie Hart from Boards also did a great edit of all the British action in Tenerife, the men first then ladies towards the end. There will be a female only podcast coming soon too in which Justyna and I commentated, I'm looking forward to seeing that! Here is the British one for now!

Best of British a Windsurfing video by boards

In other exciting news,I have a Simmer custom coming my way! It is a 63l 'compactifly' quad, designed by Ola Helenius the Simmer shaper. It's designed to sit a bit lower in the water than the Simmer production Fly (my 69l) and have a slightly tighter turn but still be stable through chop. Ola said it has been tested with all sorts of fin setups and a traditional quad setup simply is the most all round, and my preferred ride. It's still possible to sail it as a twin for a bit more "free" ride or a quad with big front fin for more drive. I am so excited to get this board, as being 59kg, I have felt in many sessions I have just been over-boarded, so can't wait to try this! Here are some pictures of the shape versus my 69l Flywave, and the foam core:
Last but not least, C-Skins have sent me a super-duper new 5.4.3mm Wired winter suit! I tried it on in the garden (as you do), and was absolutely boiling as it has the fire core (blankety type) inner which is really warm and dries quickly. I have been impressed from before I was even sponsored by C-Skins on their suits and especially the female range, as being a smaller market, some companies skimp on the designs and quality for ladies. C-Skins have not and this is one of the warmest suits out there! So take a look at the winter range on the C-Skins site here
On Saturday, Stef and I pack our van and take a 20 hour ferry to Denmark, and another to Sweden to start our Euro road trip, exciting times!

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