Saturday, 19 April 2014

Windsurfing, blow holes, waterfalls and caves

Maui has been good but there haven't been any significant swells while being here and the forecast has still been a little on and off with the cloud cover and rain. Even still, I have sailed most days, had some good jumping practise and reasonable size Ho'okipa sessions. I also joined in on the International Simmer shoot at Ho'okipa 2 days ago, using the 4.5 new Icon, which I loved-nice and powerful but stable! Here are some shots from Jimmie Hepp and our gopro, and Sarah Hauser for the in water shot.
We also went on a snorkel boat trip to Molokai and Lanai, which was amazing! The water is so clear and there are so many tropical fish to see, plus turtles, eels and even a reef shark! We also saw dolphins and whales too. It was good to practise my free diving in warm water as opposed to in the UK with 5mm neoprene and weights!
On another no wind day we drove the long winding road to Hana, with stops along the way at waterfalls, blowholes, swimming in caves and of course stopping for the tastiest banana bread! It had rained a lot so the waterfalls were pretty full and we didn't end up swimming in them, but still had great fun exploring!
Only 3 days left on Maui! Time has flown by! Time to check the conditions...

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