Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BWA Cornwall, 3rd Place!

This weekend was the final event of the BWA tour in Cornwall. Even though I couldn't make the other events this year I was looking forward to this one at my local spot, especially with the biggest storm in 26 years coming!

Saturday was a little small, but it was windy. There were 8 girls entering in two heats of 4 for the single elimination. Unfortunately I didn't really get a set wave in my heat and came 3rd, therefore 6th overall. I think every run out I had there was a small set coming in!

Day two was epic! It was the biggest I had ever seen the Bluff, from normally waist to head high it was already breaking logo high in the morning, before the 20 second period swell kicked in. My first heat was against Ping, Katie and Emma Ray for the double elimination, but unfortunately Emma was feeling ill and Ping didn't have time to get ready. The next heat was versus Katie, and it was probably the best heat I sailed in ages. I had 2 good waves, one better than the other at about logo high. With the short 10 minute heat I avoided waiting for a huge set wave in case I mucked it up. The tactic worked! I didn't mind whether I went through at this point as I knew I did my best, but I got through! It was pretty close with Katie and she got a big wave!

My next heat was versus Jody, then against Sara Kellet which was really close but I got through, then I met Justyna. By this point the tide was low and the set waves were closing out a lot, so the girls focused on getting reform waves on the inside. The wind got lighter and lighter and by the time my heat with Justyna came, my arms were falling off and I was sinking on my 69l! Justyna made it through against me to meet Debbie in the final. They sailed well, with Debbie taking the win!

Thanks for the photos above from Splashography, Tim Baker and Dave White. The judges and organisers did a spectacular job too so thanks to them too!

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