Monday, 2 September 2013

Tribal Clash Crossfit Competition 2013

THE BIGGEST TEAM FITNESS EVENT IN EUROPE! (According to This is South Devon!) (see here) It was Tribal Clash 2013 on the beach, masterminded by 3 amazing guys, 2 of which were from Crossfit Plymouth. I can't begin to explain how amazing it was to be part of and what it felt like to be 1 of 100 four-man teams, there was such a good atmosphere and camaraderie. I have also never seen so many fit people in one place, it was amazing to watch. The atmosphere was amazing with drums, music, tepees and screaming supporters. The opening ceremony on Friday night had all 100 teams doing sychronised burpees to the drum beat on the sand in order to tempt 'Kratos' the God out to lift his mask, the one which the winning team would hold in awe-epic! Anyway, I'll let some pictures do the talking:

The breathtaking Arena at Blackpool Sands, South Devon:

Taiko Drum team providing the booming soundtrack and the opening ceremony. They had some stamina!

Our team, Plymouth House Mafia, keen for everything and very clean pre workouts!

Workout (WOD) 1, involving log flipping and log lifting. Unfortunately we weren't so quick on this and came 80th:

WOD 2, 20 gruelling minutes of sychronised log front squats rotating the team round a sea swim. This hurt! Alot! It was killer! Our team did amazingly though and came 17th, with 300 odd squats and 7 swim laps.

WOD 3, lots of 70kg tyre lifting, flipping, running and filling with sandbags, and lots of tyre deadlifts (130kg for the men):

WOD 4, an undisclosed length trail run in four mass heats, with the first km to count and the final placing to count. The first km was a run along the shingle beach, up and down the bank and in the water-absolute killer! The run was a hilly one, approximately 5-7km, who knows?! up and down and through a river! I came in the 20's in my heat, and our combined team result gave us 10th/100, awesome result, especially as our team member Rose had never run more than a mile!

WOD 5, lots of up and over the bars, medicine ball throw overs and burpees with a run into the sea between each one (and back up the shingle slope), with the remaining time getting as many reps of kettle bell swings. This one came together for our team, we led the whole way through and it was amazing to come out of our third and final sea dip to see no team on the horizon following us! 227 reps of kettle bell swings, which gave us 7th /100. We finished on a high!


Team start

Up and overs

Med ball overs

Burpee ladder

Sea dip

Kettle bells

Finishing on a high, absolutely stoked!

Supporting our Crossfit Plymouth buddies

So the top 20 teams got in to the final, and with our final two results (10th and 7th), we picked up our previous days 60 something to 32nd, so it wouldn't have taken too much more to get into the final! Still, we were stoked with our result and especially happy with our last finish, the team just clicked together. The final looked absolutely horrible. It started with a 10 tug of wars best of 3, which eliminated half the finalists. Then there was log relay running, lifting and running, wheelbarrow races, partner lifts, more log running and swimming and finally tyre dragging up the beach to find Crossfit Cheltnam the final victors, and well deserved! The atmosphere was incredible, some 600 people cheering them on with drumming and music, just incredible! Here is their final picture and the mask:

I am so glad to have discovered Crossfit and I think can proudly call myself a windsurfer, surfer and Crossfit athlete. It will certainly be something I continue with, helping me next year in my windsurf competitions and later when I return to compete more in it too. I have two more months here in Plymouth to continue training in all 3 sports, (hopefully with more wind and waves than the flat windless Summer we have had!) then I am off to Chile, I cannot wait!

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