Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Uh oh...I have signed up to a Triathlon!

Hellooo!! Just a quick one this time. Since my last blog, I have signed up to a Triathlon! I have wanted to do one for a long time at some point in my life and the Perranporth one seemed to pop up as a few friends are doing it too. After lots of indecision and hoping I wouldn't miss a good forecast in September, I finally put my money where my mouth is and paid to enter! Its Sunday the 2nd September-yes next Sunday!! I am a little worried I haven't trained hard enough as its been windy and there has been a bit of swell-and I am not going running if I could be on the water instead! I figured it would be super hard, but you only live once and it will get me in shape for the season! So if you are in Perranporth area next Sunday come and cheer me on from 10am, I will be beasting myself round a 800-1000m surf sea swim, 38km hilly bike and 7.5km dune run urggghhhh!! Any tips let me know-I will need them! :)

In terms of sailing-we had a really good surf at Whitsands on Friday and three windsurf's over the bank holiday at Marazion and Gwithian. Not amazing really, much less windy than forecast for the Saturday and pretty small waves but we had loads of fun with friends! Looking forward to some proper swell coming...

A sequence from Gwithian:

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