Monday, 11 June 2012

Last day in Pozo, Home time!

So we had some really good wind, and finally some waves! I had a really good sail here the past couple of days and I am so sad not to be staying longer as I think I would improve so much here! My backloops are getting much better and I had some really fun waveriding yesterday. I was fully overpowered on 3.4 though and pulled my shoulder again so today I am resting before flying home tonight-it looks windy in the UK for the weekend so my shoulder needs to get stronger again!

Today the guys are on 3.4, it is so windy but some really nice waves are coming in, it looks like a playground, though I need a 3m sail! Some guys are going to Ojos Garza, a side shore spot, if I had longer here I would join them, oh well!

Anyway here are some pictures. Hopefully the UK will be good for our first weekend back!

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