Sunday, 26 February 2012

Surfing, windsurfing and a CUSTOM 58!!

We have had a few sessions recently, more surfing than windsurfing as usual as it hasn't been all that windy. We had some really good after work surf sessions at Whitsands when it was really cold and SE wind-the North shore was going off but we couldn't get up there in time. We have also had more surf sessions at weekends, mainly Godrevy and this weekend a triple session at Whitsands, then Praa, then Godrevy-see the Go Pro stills below.

Windsurfing wise we had a quick session after work at Bigbury-but it was onshore and the waves were pretty fat, nothing amazing. We did have a really good session at Gwithian though last Saturday, horrible weather-cross on windy 4.7 weather and raining! It scared most away apart from the windsurfers who were loving it! Great to get out again after so long for a windy jumping and riding session! I did however snap my UJ in a big closeout and had to swim in with my rig, with my board narrowly missing the rocks floating in.

I think its great that I can now surf as well as windsurf-there is normally enough swell down here to get something and if it is too windy or onshore to surf I can normally windsurf, getting out every weekend!

I am also sooooo excited as my sponsor Puravida Boardriders is making me a small custom for Chile (I leave in three weeks now...). I am so excited to ride a board my size having never had one below my weight. It should rip in mast high and I hope it will be a lot less bouncy for me! Pictures to follow when I have it, but here are a couple he has made already, a 98 and 95:

Anyway here are some pics below of the latest sessions, mostly Go Pro surf I'm afraid...



And... there are seals at Godrevy!

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