Tuesday, 8 November 2011

News, Polzeath and Laser eye surgery...

After the Gwithian event, a guy called Sam Fleet has made it his personal mission to get me as much publicity as possible! Its good for me but even better for the sport-windsurfing is not very well known, so the more it is put out there the more people will find out what its all about! So I had my radio interview, have been in a couple of local papers, and also had my first ever BBC news article on their site! Thanks Sam!

I also went to an XSWA event at Polzeath, where about 50 x-students gathered to do our own Aussie Kiss and celebrate the SWA. Awesome party and some nice clean but small surfing at Polzeath. Rob Nunan's photo of me catching a small wave:

Finally-I am having my eyes lasered on Friday! So things will be a bit quiet as I have to have 4 weeks off the water, after which I think it is time to go skiing! yay!

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