Monday, 1 August 2011

Wind is back!

After waiting about a week with no wind and not too much swell, the wind is finally back! Punta Blanca picks up wind swell pretty well so even though there isn't much about we have had some head to logo sessions, nothing too big yet! We had a good overpowered session the other evening on 4.7 where the wind blew in from nowhere. It was great until the tide forced us to come in unless we wanted urchin spines over our feet and bashed fins! I had another session at Punta doing some loops and trying backloops, so I am keen for a good session today to get them better! Yesterday we sailed the reef break again but the swell was too small for it to work and I was so stacked on 4.7 I couldn't have wave ridden if I'd wanted to! I practised vulcans and downwind 360s, vulcans aren't easy on a 68l board, it sinks immediately on sliding!

Punta Blanca:

Learning Backloops:

Downwind 360:

Trying to vulcan my 68l:

Very overpowered bottom turn on the tiny waves!

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