Sunday, 19 June 2011

Witterings, and POZO!!

About 5 weeks after Ireland has finished, I have windsurfed a total of 1 time. That's not due to the lack of wind-I have probably missed one of the windiest periods for a long time! But working in London everyday, various weddings, parties and birthdays have meant I have only got on the water once, yesterday, to East Wittering. It was a fun session, me and SJ, and quite a few other windsurfers and kiters. Cross-onshore starboard tack with waist to (occasionally) head mush really, 4.2 weather. Slightly different to the conditions I have been having abroad (I think I am getting spoilt!). I was a bit disappointed about the lack of riding-still managed some but the waves don't form in lines, more like chunks that form and reform-but that's witterings. The jumping was quite good though.

Anyway, it was great to get on the water again before my next trip, I've now saved all I need to go to Pozo for 2 weeks then Fuerte for 4! Really looking forward to it! Pozo will be really busy as there are 3 comps while we are there-Redbull rockets, Spanish competition and the PWA. I am not sure we timed it the best to sail there but it will be great to watch! In Fuerte we have a little apartment in Cotillo, so I am hoping for some good evening surfing as well. 2 more days of work then we head off Thursday!! :)

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