Sunday, 15 May 2011

First place BWA Ireland and Wales!

The competitors area at Rhosneigr:

A flat looking Rhosneigr, there were more waves later on!!

First, the 3 day Rhosneigr event in Wales. I travelled 3 up with Mike Archer and Stef Hilder on Thursday-a 12 hour trip for Mike who had driven from Ipswich to Surrey to Hayling (to pick up a board) to South Wales and finally to Bangor. Luckily Duncan, a Bangor student, provided a student house to stay in for the event. Friday had reasonable size waves, but no wind, and Saturday similar conditions, so both days we went for SUP. After 3 times ever SUPing, I finally managed to get the hang of it and not fall over the front everytime I paddled out over a wave! Handling a 12-14ft SUP is a little more tiring than a short board and inevitably I winded myself after falling off in front of the board on a wave and the rail nailing my ribs! Despite that, I enjoyed it. Sunday brought some conditions, though a little light wind and unfortunately smaller waves than the Friday. It was fun sailing, the 3 girls (including me) had two heats with I think 1 jump and 2 waves to count. I won both with some onshore riding and a forward. The pros continued late into the evening finishing around 8 when most people had left to catch a ferry! We caught ours at 2 in the morning, took 3 hours sleep in a cabin, then drove the 5 hours to Brandon Bay arriving just in time for the first heats! Wow we were tired!

The first 2 days heats were port tack cross onshore, 2 jumps and one wave to count. The only female entries were myself and local Katie McAnena. Having sailed more onshore conditions than Katie (coming from the South Coast), I won the first two heats. The third day had cross shore riding, about head high with the wind varying from planing on 4.7 to float and ride. Katie took the next heat with her riding, putting me under pressure to get the next one at the end of the day. Both freezing we had put on our wetsuits again to fight it out and it was really close but I just got the win. I also managed a big superman endo forward where I took off on too steep a ramp, my feet came out and flew way above my head and I went all the way round still holding on to my boom! I think we amused the judges... The final heat was a super onshore quite light day, with a lot of backside riding. I took this one making the final score 4-1. Well done to Katie she was tough competition and made me sail my hardest to win! The Friday prize giving was an epic party started early by 'beer pong' so inevitably a messy night, but what goes on tour stays on tour...

I am now back working again until the 23rd June, when I am off to Pozo and Fuerte! Here are a few photos of Ireland, taken by Simon Crowther-thanks Si!! I didn't take any photos myself this time and unfortunately there aren't any of me sailing!

Me taking the title with Katie second:

Lovely Ireland (well, bit of a big rain cloud actually...):

The heat flags and judges car:

No pictures of us sailing-but here's one walking to the beach!

Mmmmmmm Guinness!

The girls!

The judges and photographers-thank you guys for making the event happen!

Brandon Bay:

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