Tuesday, 22 June 2010

POZO!! First day, stacked on 3.4

Yesterday I arrived in Gran Canaria for the first trip of my year's training in windsurfing before getting a 'proper' job. Me and SJ arrived in the evening to see a few people sailing late but there wasn't time for us to sort the kit out. We woke up today pretty eager, but I was a little nervous, first day full on 3.4 weather! First session was about 2 hours at 11 o'clock, underpowered to start with but the wind soon kicked in and I was pretty stacked! Just getting used to sailing port tack as I have hardly done any port tack being on the south coast. This evening's session was windier, very VERY overpowered! But great fun, I was a little more comfortable so was going for some backside turns and bigger jumps. Bring on tomorrow!! :)

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