Friday, 2 April 2010

Wales, ION wetsuit, and Trecco

I went to South Wales for the past couple of days to see Stef and get a sail in. Tuesday I sailed at Llandegford reservoir on an Imco and 5.0 sail! It wasn't too windy and as I was waiting for Stef to finish work I thought I might as well get some practise in for the Nationals coming up soon!

Wednesday we sailed Trecco, in NW turning N, 4 degree weather, meanwhile it was snowing elsewhere in Wales! Was super windy so went out on 3.7 and 68 rhythm. Good side shore sail with shoulder to head high waves but really rippy. Then the wind swung offshore and down to about 10 knots and before I knew it I was really downwind about to land on the rocks as the rip was like a river! I couldn't sail with so little wind it being with the rip, I just kept sinking! So decided to bite the bullet and swim in in the 8 degree sea. It wasn't too cold and about half an hour later I was onshore! Picture shows Trecco after we finished. The waves dropped off quite a bit after we had finished due to tide/rip.

We also visited PuraVida's new shop in Penarth, and got my new ION suit which looks amazing! Yet to try it. Jim's shop looks great and won't be long until its up and running!

True Wales style I had a kick around in the rain and sleet with a rugby ball before driving home and taking ages on the M25...

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