Thursday, 24 December 2009

UK Wave Event in Tiree, Scotland

After having gone to Tiree last year for the UK event I definitely had to go again. Tiree is the outer most island of the inner hebrides, a massive 12 hour drive and 4 hour ferry from Southampton. Because of its location, it rarely fails to get good wind and swell, and there are loads of sandy beaches to choose from. This years wind wasn't quite as good as the previous year for the competition week, but luckily going a few days early proved worthwhile and there was really clean surf to be had too. The competition day had good waves and cross off shore starboard tack-perfect! For the ladies heat it beacame tricky as the wind dropped to nearly nothing and swung more offshore. I came fifth this year-a result I definitely want to improve on for next year! Images are from the competition day, the first courtesy of John Carter.

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