Tuesday 17 April 2018

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Tiree Wave Classic-30th Year

It was the 30th Anniversary of the Tiree Wave Classic this year, making it the longest running windsurf competition in the World! I was so glad to be part of it for my 5th year running, the beautiful island always offers great fun conditions in October! We headed up on Thursday evening from Plymouth, stopping in Bristol for tea to avoid rush hour, then continuing up North through the strangest service station I have visited near Glasgow in which the car park was inundated with a gaggle of geese! We continued to Loch Lomond, spending the night there before continuing to Oban (a ten hour drive without traffic), stopping for an obligatory cooked breakfast as the early morning ferry had moved to the afternoon. (I also decided I needed to buy thermal trousers in Oban!). Well rested compared to previous years' travel, we arrived in Tiree to stay at Ceabhar house on the West of the Island-a perfect place for checking the conditions.

The first day was light wind, so we surfed in the morning and had a float and ride session in the afternoon. Photos below courtesy of Richard Whitson and Timmy Vowles-thank you!

 The second day was spent at Balephuil with windy cross on port tack conditions. We had some fun jumping and riding and spent the whole day competing until dark. I was really pleased to win the first 3 heats of the ladies.

The third day I was exhausted from competiting and staying warm the previous day! We supported the huge (and talented!) Youth and Junior fleets at Crossapol beach whilst they competed in light wind and small waves.

We had competable conditions again the day after, with a big 10s period swell and offshore wind. In the morning at Balephuil the conditions were light, but they slowly built throughout the day to allow a really fun contest in cross off starboard tack conditions.

For the next few days there was some epic surfing at Balevullin. Big 16s period swell (and a few close outs) landed on the beaches. I was really happy to come joint third in a surf contest, winning some great ale from headline sponsor Windswept Brewery!

The week came to an end by celebrating in the Lodge with a meal and lots of Windswept Ale drunk from my very own silver tankard! I was so elated to win my first ever Tiree Wave Classic event, taking home a prized sword which I was more than smug with after being so close the past few years-can you tell?!

 Congratulations to second place winner Jenna Pettit, 3rd place Bluebell and 4th place Rosie! In the Pro mens, there was a really impressive display from fellow Simmer team mate Phil Horrocks in first, Bubble in second and Muzza in third. 

Below is the week sum up video from RedHanded TV, who did an absolutely brilliant job! Massive thanks also goes out to Willy at Wild Diamond and Team, the crew of judges and of course Nigel and Geoff in the BWA team, legends!

In the run up to the BWA Cornwall event, I was interviewed by Nicola Smith at West magazine. You can see the online article HERE on page 12.
Bring on the event this weekend!


Tuesday 20 September 2016

September Sessions

So with Stef out of action for 6 weeks with a burst eardrum, he kindly spent hours on the beach taking photos! Gwithian and Mexico's a couple of weekends ago was so much fun. I was exhausted after two 3 hour sessions on the water on Saturday! It was awesome to share the session with Steffi and Dominic from Germany who were in Cornwall for a 2 week holiday, only getting conditions for surfing until scoring their last day sailing at Gwithian.
Afternoon session at Mexico's
A week later, there were more good conditions. This time I tried Widemouth which I'd only sailed once before. The wind was so light when I went out on 4.7 and 75l I thought I wouldn't even be able to get out back. With the current down wind it was pretty sketchy and hard work, but gradually the gusty wind built a little to a float and ride side shore session.
I have also used my new longboard a fair bit this Summer. I am still getting the hang of it and trying hang 5's!